Establish A Culture ( Not Prenatal )

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Condition Description

Cells from many different types of solid tissues may be cultured, frozen, and stored. The establishment of a cell line may be useful for future studies.  This test will produce cell cultures which can then be used for additional genetic or other analyses. 


This test is indicated for the establishment of cell lines for current or future testing. 


The tissue specimen is minced or enzymatically disaggregated, treated with collagenase, and placed in a tissue culture vessel with media to establish a fibroblast culture. The cultures are sub-cultured into 1 to 3 T25 tissue culture flasks or 1 to 2 T75 tissue culture flasks and frozen for future use.

Specimen Requirements

When sample fails to meet the acceptable criteria, please call 470.378.2200 and ask to speak with a laboratory genetic counselor (
Additional Specimen Collection/Handling Instructions Required for this Test
Other sample types accepted, but please call a laboratory genetic counselor before sending.

Type: Skin Biopsy

Specimen Requirements:

Obtain 1-2 cm pieces of tissue and place in sterile container with EGL transport media or other sterile culture media. Use sterile dissection (no prep) for internal tissue. Tissue fixed in formalin cannot be used.

Specimen Collection and Shipping: Refrigerate until time of shipment. Ship sample overnight at room temperature for receipt at EGL within 24 hours of collection.

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