Maintain An Established Culture (Not Prenatal)

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Condition Description

Cells from many different types of solid tissues may be cultured, frozen, and stored. The establishment of a cell line may be useful for future studies.  This test will produce cell cultures which can then be used for additional genetic or other analyses.


This test is indicated for:
  • the continued maintenance of cell lines for current of future testing.


The tissue specimen is minced or enzymatically disaggregated, treated with collagenase, and placed in a tissue culture vessel with media to establish a fibroblast culture.  The cultures are sub-cultured into 1 to 3 T25 tissue culture flasks or 1 to 2 T75 tissue culture flasks and frozen for future use.

Specimen Requirements

When sample fails to meet the acceptable criteria, please call 470.378.2200 and ask to speak with a laboratory genetic counselor (

Special Instructions

Other sample types accepted, but please call a laboratory genetic counselor before sending.
  • Maintain An Established Prenatal Culture (CV or AF)
  • Tissue Culture Only
  • Establish Prenatal Culture (CV or AF)

How to Order